Butte Community Based Coalition

The Butte Community Based Coalition is a collaborative effort between the Butte County Office of Education (BCOE), California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), Butte County Sheriff, Butte County Probation and Tehama County Probation. The program is specifically designed to provide men and women returning from state prison or county jail with services necessary for a successful transition back into the community.

The primary objective of the CBC model is to:

  • Ease client transition to the community
  • Preserve public safety
  • Promote positive re-entry experiences

Participants include men and women on parole, probation, or under the Sheriff's supervision.

The BCBC provides full wrap-around services in the areas of Life Skills, Education, Treatment Services, and Job Readiness Skills.

Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP)

A client's Individual Treatment Plan will be developed upon entering the program. As the client progresses through the program the plan will be revised, and it is considered a living document that will guide the client's participation through the duration of the program.

Phase-Based Programming

Phase 1:

    • 20 program days
    • Introduce client to program and requirements for participation
    • Goals: Sobriety, develop ITP, administer/interpret assessments, complete foundational coursework, compliance with supervision and program requirements

Phase 2:

    • Changing the way the client thinks, address the client needs identified in their assessments, work on pre-employment training
    • Goals: Sobriety, fulfill ITP objectives, obtain employment or enroll in vocational or educational programs, compliance with supervision and program requirements

Phase 3:

    • Continue working on stability and becoming employed and independent
    • Goals: Sobriety, fulfill ITP objectives, develop exit plan, compliance with supervision and program requirement


    • Goals: Sobriety, maintain employment or vocational/educational programming, compliance with supervision and program requirements

Org Chart

Site/Staff Directory:

BCBC Chico Office
1370 Ridgewood Dr., Suite 14, Chico, CA 95973
Phone: 530-879-7527 Fax: 530-879-7596

Beth PorterProgram Coordinatorbporter@bcoe.org530-879-7529
Trace WatkinsCase Manager Itwatkins@bcoe.org
Allison LesterCase Manager Ialester@bcoe.org530-879-7542
Erika PearsonCase Manager Ierpearson@bcoe.org
Deidra JaimeAdministrative Clerkdjaime@bcoe.org530-879-7527

BCBC Oroville Office
51 County Center Drive, Oroville, CA 95965
Phone: 530-532-5778 Fax: 530-532-5764

Ernesto TellyProgram Coordinatoretelly@bcoe.org530-532-5778
Cynthia BowenCase Manager Icbowen@bcoe.org530-532-5892
Edward SpragueCase Manager Iesprague@bcoe.org

BCBC Red Bluff Office
717 Pine Street, Red Bluff, CA 96080
Phone: 530-528-7955 Fax: 530-528-7958

Barbara KelloggProgram Coordinatorbkellogg@bcoe.org530-528-7954
Nicole RadfordCase Manager Inradford@bcoe.org530-528-7957
Nancy Ortega-ColeyCase Manager Inortega@bcoe.org530-528-7956
VACANTAdministrative Clerk

BCBC Redding Office
2124 Market Street, Redding, CA 96001
Phone: 530-528-7962 Fax: 530-528-7962

Stephanie GibbsProgram Coordinatorsgibbs@bcoe.org
Dustin MadoleCase Manager Idmadole@bcoe.org530-528-7961
Crystal WhitcombCase Manager Icwhitcomb@bcoe.org
VACANTCase Manager I - 60%
Nancy SmithAdministrative Clerknsmith@bcoe.org530-528-7962



Debbie Morris - Director
1859 Bird Street, Oroville, CA 95965
Phone: (530) 532-5891
Fax: (530) 532-5851

Triny Seifert - Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: (530) 532-5689
Fax: (530) 532-5851