The Camp Fire's Devastating Impact on Butte County Schools


The Butte County Office of Education (BCOE) established the Butte County Schools Long-term Recovery Fund at the North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) to provide a centralized location for individuals and organizations to financially support students and schools impacted by the Camp Fire. In doing so, the Butte County Schools Fire Relief Fund (which raised $1,039,846.57 directly for schools impacted)is now transitioning to the Butte County Schools Long-term Recovery Fund as our community transitions from emergency relief to long-term disaster recovery. 

Donations to the Butte County Schools Long-term Recovery Fund will be used for programs and services that help restore “normal and routine” activities to school communities and student lives.   

Funds generously donated to the former Butte Schools Fire Relief Fund (over one million dollars!) will be distributed the week of March 10, 2019.  Once schools are notified, a press release will follow.

Butte County teachers, students, staff and the County Office of Education are deeply grateful for generous support during the awful Camp Fire and now during the long-term recovery.


Butte County students are back to school after the Camp Fire!

Updated directories: https://www.bcoe.org/o/bcoe/browse/12986

For current information about:

Paradise Unified, visit the PUSD Facebook page:


Golden Feather Union, follow Supt. Josh Peete on Twitter:


Achieve Charter High, follow them on Twitter:


Achieve Charter, follow them on Twitter:


Paradise Children's Community Charter, follow them on Facebook

Paradise Hometech Charter School, follow them on Facebook:


Paradise Charter Middle School, visit their website at:


Pivot Charter School, North Valley, visit:




DistrictSite DistrictName PhysicalAddress1 City Zipcode FY 17-18 Enrollment Data Proposed New or Temporary Location
Cedarwood Paradise USD 6400 Columbine Road Magalia 95954 255 existing location
Creekside 6 Paradise USD 5657 Recreation Drive Paradise 95969 included in Paradise Intermediate OSH Building, 231 West East Ave, Chico
Evergreen 6 Paradise USD 5657 Recreation Drive Paradise 95969 included in Paradise Intermediate OSH Building, 231 West East Ave, Chico
Honey Run Academy Paradise USD 622 Pearson Road Paradise 95969 9 Boys and Girls Club Chico, 601 Wall St., Chico
Paradise Adult School
Dr. Michael Gulbransen

3760 Morrow Ln., Ste. C
Chico, California 95928
(530) 815-1252
Paradise USD Oroville Adult Ed in Oroville and Chico
M 8-1
T 2-8
W 2:30 -8
Th 9-4
F 8-8
(530) 815-1252
Paradise DO Paradise USD 6696 Clark Road Paradise 95969-2834 0 3760 Morrow Lane, Suite A 530.342.3190
Paradise eLearning Academy Paradise USD 5911 Maxwell Drive Paradise 95969 57 Independent Study, Chico Mall drop-in centers
Paradise Elementary Paradise USD 588 Pearson Road Paradise 95969 560 BIRD STREET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 1421 BIRD STREET, OROVILLE, CA 95965, PH (530) 532-3001
Pearson Center Paradise USD 503 Pearson Road Paradise 95969 10 Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, 2345 Fair Street, Chico
Paradise High School Paradise USD 5911 Maxwell Drive Paradise 95969 995 1000 Fortress, Chico, CA
Paradise Intermediate Paradise USD 5657 Recreation Drive Paradise 95969 430 OSH Building, 231 West East Ave.,
Pine Ridge Paradise USD 13878 Compton Drive Magalia 95954 473 1) Cedarwood Elementary, 6400 Columbine Road, Magalia2) 1715 Bird St. Oroville for Grades 2-6
Ponderosa Paradise 6593 Pentz Road Paradise 95969 568 Durham ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 9421 Putney Drive, P.O. Box 700, Durham, CA 95938
Ridgeview High School Paradise 13665 Old Skyway Magalia 95954 95 Boys and Girls Club Chico, 601 Wall St., Chico
Concow Elementary Golden Feather - Concow - 69 Spring Valley School
Cornerstone Christian School BCOE 6500 Clark Road Paradise 95969 - NOT Re-opening
Magalia Adventist School Paradise USD 15204 Skyway Magalia 95954 - awaiting approval from authorities to re-enter
Paradise Adventist Academy Paradise USD 5699 Academy Drive Paradise 95969 - Chico Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1877 Hooker Oak Ave, Chico, CA
Upward International School Paradise USD 14098 Skyway Magalia 95954 - -
Charter Schools
Achieve Charter High School Achieve Charter School 5852 Clark Road Paradise 95969 51 Life Church, 1492 East Avenue, Chico;
Achieve DO Achieve Charter School 771 Elliott Road Paradise 95969 0 -
Achieve K-8 Achieve Charter School 771 Elliott Road Paradise 95969 236 Life Church, 1492 East Avenue, Chico, CA
CCCS DO Children's Community Charter School 6830 Pentz Road Paradise 95969 220 2346 Floral Avenue, Chico, CA 95926
Hometech DO Hometech Charter School 6249 Skyway Paradise 95926 155 Living Hope Fellowship, 355 Panama Ave, Chico
PCMS Paradise Charter Middle School 6473 Clark Road Paradise 95969 158 Core Butte Charter School Gymnasium, 2847 Notre Dame Blvd, Chico
Core ButteTK-12 Home study 5665 Scottwood Rd Indep. Study Center - 0 - - - K-8 students will use the 2847 Notre Dame Boulevard location, and high school students will use the 260 Cohasset Road #120 location in Chico
Pre-K Sites
CDPS - Cedarwood Children's Center BCOE 6400 Columbine Rd. Magalia 95954 24 a.m. / 24 p.m. 6400 Columbine Rd.
CDPS - Pine Ridge Children's Center BCOE 13878 Compton Dr. Magalia 95954 22 a.m / 22 p.m. -
CDPS - Vista Children's Center BCOE 581 Pearson Road Paradise 95969 20 a.m. / 20 p.m. -