Training is one of the important elements of the Mini-Corps Program and it is on going throughout the year for the certificated staff, Mini-Corps tutors and program administrators. There are several unique aspects to the Mini-Corps Program as a training program. The Mini-Corps Program has set in place a trainer of trainer model that has been very successful. The staff development budget is used for training, action research participation, ad hoc meetings, joint planning teams, and participation in local or state educational conferences to refine coordinators’ instructional knowledge and skills.

Certificated staff, (22 coordinators), are required to attend a minimum of three business meetings and professional development trainings.

  • Staff development has a focus on student needs and learning outcomes, inclusion of state curriculum standards, literacy strategies, and on new research trends in effective teaching techniques.
  • Mini-Corps tutors are required to attend 11/2 hours of in-service time during the school year program for a total of 6 hours per month.
  • Mini-Corps tutors receive in-service workshops in effective teaching/learning strategies to utilize while working with migrant students from the coordinator, a teacher consultant, school district or county staff.
  • Mini-Corps tutors receive workshops in career awareness and professional teacher preparation.

In the summer, approximately 450 Mini-Corps participants attend a statewide training institute sponsored by the Mini-Corps Program. Participants are trained in effective instructional strategies for migrant students; and recent research findings of learning style preferences of migrant students. Language acquisition strategies are addressed along with activities that engage students in developing literacy skills.

California Mini-Corps Staff Development Teaching & Learning Models (SET LINK) for Mini-Corps Tutors.

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