Credential Services are available for a wide range of needs. Applicants beginning a career in education can find guidance and information regarding application processing. To serve in an assignment requiring a California Credential or Permit in any school district in Butte County, it is necessary to have a valid authorization on file with this office.

Services and Information Provided include:

  • Registration of credentials, permits or certificates
  • Credential/permit renewals
  • Basic Skills Requirement (BSR)
  • Substitute Teacher requirements
  • Fingerprinting
  • Teachers trained Out-of-State
  • Child Development Permits
  • Designated Subjects Credentials

Designated Subjects Credentials:

CTC - Designated Subjects Credentials

Designated Subjects Credentials authorize teaching or service in technical, trade, or vocational courses or in courses organized primarily for adults. The requirements generally include experience in the subject area requested. BCOE no longer functions as an approved program for processing these types of applications.

Please click on the appropriate link to access the list of Approved Programs for Designated Subjects CTE credentials (http://cig.ctc.ca.gov/cig/CTC_apm/DS_cte_33.php) or Designated Subjects Adult credentials (http://cig.ctc.ca.gov/cig/CTC_apm/DS_ae_p3.php).

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