District Data Support and Services

The new era of data reporting for districts and charters drives so many facets of school business.

BCOE offers consulting and technical assistance services to examine Local Education Agency (LEA) data management and collaboration practice with recommended improvement solutions. The Student Information Systems Coordinator will assist LEAs with systematic approaches to understand data management concepts and effective practice to improve the quality and use of district data. BCOE will ensure districts have sufficient support to report their data accurately.

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Data Support Team Services

Butte County Office of Education can provide ongoing data management assistance regardless of what Student Information System you are using. Data management is key for becoming more efficient with all state reporting facets, and more specifically, CALPADS data reporting requirements.

Data Management Training

Based on your district specific needs and level of experience, our team can provide you with customized training and ongoing support with data management and best practices for CALPADS reporting.

CALPADS Consulting Services

Are you looking for someone to take over the process of reporting your CALPADS data? We offer services for filling in staffing gaps, or our team can provide complete CALPADS data reporting.

Services include:
  • Daily data management, including staff training on effective and efficient data entry
  • Ongoing data validation and quality control
  • Error and anomaly resolution
  • CALPADS report validation and final certification
  • Planning for future year reporting
  • Develop timely structures and timelines
Data Visualization/Reporting Services

Assistance with creating stakeholder friendly visual reports so that you can share your story through meaningful data presentations.