Lego Robotics and STEM Tournament

Lego Robotics and STEM Tournament Flyer

2019 Tournament Information -  coming soon

2018 Lego Robotics and STEM Tournament 

Thursday, May 24, 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Las Plumas High School (Cafeteria)

2380 Las Plumas Ave

Oroville, CA

Schools may bring up to 1 team to compete. Teams must consist of 3-6 students. The mat used will be Trash Trek Challenge. Registration is due by April 24, 2018. Late team registrations will not be accepted.  At this time, registration for the Lego Robotics Tournament and STEM Tournament is only open to students who attend a BCOE After School Program.

  • Teams should dress to show their team spirit (Be creative!!)
  • Each school should send one team with built robot. Teams should consist of 3-6 students/school.
  • There will be a DJ intermittent dance breaks – extra points for kids who get up and dance!
  • Parents are welcome to join us
  • Sites are responsible to coordinate transportation to/from event. Please insure you have submitted all appropriate paperwork and follow BCOE field trip procedures. 
  • The tournament will NOT be providing snacks or water bottles however you may bring your own. Students are permitted to eat in the cafeteria at your discretion.
  • A few laptops with NXT software will be available for teams. You are encouraged to bring your own however.

Students should review the tournament rules before attending competition. 
Robots brought to competition should be clearly marked with school’s name. It is recommended robots are transported in a plastic tub.
Teams will participate in a “Coopertition” STEM challenge (details announced AT the event. You do not need to prepare for this)Awards will be given in the following categories:

o Tournament Champion
o Judge’s Award (Coopertition winner)
o Inspirational
o Teamwork
o Gracious Professionalism

The competition mat used will be the TRASH TREK challenge. The missions are the last few pages of the PDF. It is suggested students practice a few missions rather than all of them to gain the most points.



please note registration is only available to BCOE after school programs

The Robotics Tournament and STEM Tournament is sponsored by Butte Built Bots, Las Plumas High School, Butte County Office of Education Student Events and Expanded Learning Program.

If you would like to serve as a judge or volunteer at this event, please register here

For more information contact Mary Ellen Garrahy, Student Events Coordinator at mgarrahy@bcoe.org