Children's Centers Preschools:

Circles Children's Center
2345 Fair Street,
Phone: (530) 879-7492

Cedarwood Children's Center
6400 Columbine Rd.,
Phone: (530) 873-2759

Eastside Children's Center
2775 Yard St., Building B,
Phone: (530) 532-5734

Gridley Children's Center
1567 Booth Drive, Room 7,
Phone: (530) 846-3850

Mariposa Children's Center
2603 Mariposa,
Phone: (530) 343-0633

Oakdale Heights Children's Center
2255 Las Plumas,
Phone: (530) 532-5890

Pine Ridge Children's Center (CLOSED TEMPORARILY)

13878 Compton Dr. Rm 1


Phone: (530) 83-3800 ext 4001

Shasta Children's Center
181 East Shasta Ave,
Phone: (530) 879-7515

South Oroville Children's Center
2959 Lower Wyandotte,
Phone: (530) 533-4074 or 533-4250

Eligibility and Enrollment

Families can receive eligibility information and be pre-screened over the phone, by calling our administrative office at (530) 532-5643. Families will be added to the eligibility list based on the following priorities:

  1. Referral from a specialized children's professional
  2. Four year olds, prioritized by income level
  3. Three year olds, prioritized by income level
  4. Other children from families who meet the eligibility requirements based on space availability

If determined eligible for the program, your information will be placed onto the eligibility list. When there is an opening, a meeting to complete the enrollment process will be scheduled.

This meeting will also be to answer questions and orient you to the program. All eligible families will be contacted as enrollment begins or openings occur.

No Program Cost

There is no cost for our Preschool Program for those eligible to enroll. This valuable quality program is funded by the California Department of Education.