School staff and administration can schedule a tobacco or vaping presentation for students, or find a variety of other resources related to vaping and schools.
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Presentation Sign-Ups
(Please read descriptions of each presentation and sign up for the one of your choice by clicking on the links. Tobacco and Vaping is recommended for 6th graders, Addiction and Vaping is recommended for 7th graders and Vaping Only is recommended as a refresher for other grade levels):
Tobacco and Vaping
Nicotine and Addiction
Vaping Only
Guide to Youth and Vaping:
Tobacco Free Kids
Tobacco and Vaping Curriculum:
Stanford Tobacco Toolkit, Scholastic and FDA
Alternatives to Suspensions:
Healthy Futures
Interventions For Vaping/Tobacco Related Incidents:
Intervention Sign-Ups
Signs of Vaping on Campus:
Today Show
Flavors Hook Kids
Sample Tobacco Free Policy for Schools:
CSBA Board Policy Sample
Your BCOE School Resource Officers from the Butte County Sheriff's Office:
Sergeant D’Amato
Deputy Ayala
Deputy Barrett
Deputy Smith