The California Mini-Corps Program's school year program was initiated after the inception of the summer program. The school year program got started in 1974 at California State, Chico as an experimental project that worked so successfully that other programs were slowly initiated at other colleges. The Mini-Corps students were recruited to work as teacher assistants in migrant impacted schools. These were schools that opened in September and closed their academic year in June. The Mini-Corps students were role models and mentors that hopefully would raise the aspirations of migrant students. A sense of commitment, dedication, responsibility, bilingualism and sensitivity were required of the Mini-Corps student participants for the school year program.

The primary objective of the school year program is to provide direct instructional services to migrant students as prescribed by the federal law, Improving America's Schools Act. The primary focus:

  • To assist migrant students in the core curriculum.
  • To assist the high risk migrant student and promote advocacy for them in their school.

The kinds of direct services migrant students receive in the school year program from a Mini-Corps student:

  • Individual tutoring
  • Tutorial instruction in academic subjects
  • Post-secondary awareness
  • Extended day tutoring
  • Home tutoring
  • Career awareness
  • ESL or bilingual instruction